New Partitions. Major Issue.


Tried to add four new partitions to CastleLinux2010 but something went wrong :doh:
That's how it goes sometimes though in test. 🙄
Anyway I had intended this machine for 'play' and reinstalls, so did just that 😉
Data was backed up of course.

Reinstalled Linux(Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx) w/Gnome.
Ran Updates.
Once updated, updated Appearance Preferences – Visual Effects to 'Normal' (requires driver download)
also System – preferences – Monitor, change sleep to 2 hours and display off to 1 hour.
ALSO System – preferences – screensaver – THIS also keeps bringing up the screen saver when remote (default was 5 mins…)
Created favorite program links in desktop links panel.
Installed Opera Browser
(Enabled Synchronization, Logged in).
(Added Personal Toolbar to Appearance).
(Preferences – General – Change startup to start with speed dial and home page to google.)
(Preferences – forms – personal info – name, address, etc.)
(Preferences – search – click on Google search engine and make sure that both ~Use as default search engine AND ~Speed Dial search engine are checked!)
Installed Ruby, Gem and Rails thru Ubuntu Software Center.
Created a test app and started up WEBrick, all good.
Set up PostgreSQL at command line using
$sudo apt-get install postgresql
Installed PostgreSQL admin tool while in terminal with
$sudo apt-get install pgadmin3
Installed mySQL thru Ubuntu Software Center (first pass didn't take).
Set mySQL root password.
Coped 25,000 photos, etc in 20 mins to box for use in test apps.
Installed Apache2 via
$sudo apt-get install apache2
though it could have been done thru the Software Center, just search for apache2 and look for Apache HTTP Server metapackage.
Installed php5 through Software Center (search for php5, use "server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language')
Installed Eclipse, then Aptana RadRails plugin (again the 'PDE' program [eclpise Plugin DEpendency] must be installed in order for the RadRails installation to work).
Installed wine, winetricks (wget – though winetricksmay have been included anyway in wine – and then
$sh winetricks
to pick the ie versions to install.

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