Various ms Office vs Open Office issues in Word/Openword and Excel/Calc

Further info on converting a number of Word and Excel documents from MS to OpenOffice.
Had a lot of issues with both text and spreadsheet documents in terms of formatting, layout and graphs.
Some issues resolved through saving in open format (.odt for word, .ods for excel).
This works well for Word Documents.
For excel documents, however, the graphs do not translate well in ods and it is better to just save in ms as excel, then open in open office. However this is currently still a one way process (not really 'open') as then re-opening the document in ms has the graphs disappear altogether! Looks like ms may have implemented ods more for internal purposes more than the real intent. Not sure.
Some of the issues in excel/calc ods to watch for are:
charts referencing data on other worksheets (big one!)
axis label rotation not saving (change manually)
connecting lines for missing values not copied (but can be set manually in "plot missing values – continue line -")

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