Unable to upgrade software or install old versions on windows 7 due to Error 1305 reading file.

(1305 is usually an error from reading actual cd's, but this was just a downloaded .msi file).
Installed mySQL workbench 5.2 on Castle_2009, this went ok and ran and could load files ok.
However I got the 1305 message after downloading 5.2 to Castle_2010 when trying to install which was an upgrade to mySQL workbench from 5.0 to 5.2. Then I uninstalled 5.0, this didn't help. Tried various changes per blogs, none of them seemed to help. What's the most strange is that when I went to reinstall the old version that got the same error too! Finally rebooted the machine and this actually seemed to clear it. I've really got to get this installed on my Linux machines :spock: it looks like there's a Linux version available :up:

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