Linux completely blank / black screen after GNOME login!

Bit of as puzzle :confused: … was switching monitors around, then switching them back, in changing screen size for a :pingu: pc output, switched refresh rate from 52hz to 54Hz and bam! black screen. Then always got black screen (after login) despite reboots etc. :no: All the web posts discuss changing things after login… (impossible -black screen) or changes to .conf file (tried this, no luck).
What a puzzle, huh?!!!
So…. plugged a different (smaller) monitor in, got past login, then was able to start changing monitor pref's, then switch monitor back to larger one. Whew I nearly reinstalled Linux again :eyes:
Note, as usual, took an extra reboot to get resolution right (sometimes this just happens out of the blue with this Ubuntu install anyway).

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