Testing: Usability Issues.

Done. Moved to local Production.
1) Needed to add a '*' to indicate required fields for both add and edit screens for months, browsers, browser_versions, os_sources, operating_systems, resolutions, color_depths, statistics_months, statistics_users and priv_lvl. Added the * by the required fields and added the explanation of the "*" at the bottom – created a partial for the text "*required" so that I can change it (maybe '*reqd' or '* required', etc.) in one place in the future if necessary instead of 26 different screens. Much drier 🙂
2) Needed to move 'create' (New function) or 'update' (Edit function) button across one table cell (better visual alignment, less mouse movement) for new and update screens in months, browsers, os_sources, resolutions, color_depths, statistics_months, and priv_lvl(new function only for priv_lvl).

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