Worked with ISP over three days to get new RoR site live

Had a few issues:
Needed to freeze rails, set GEMS version and similar items in config files.
Has some issues getting the mySQL db / access / user set up correctly, but by working with them (Site5) was able to resolve them all. They were very helpful.
They have 24hr support, so I was able to just keep working away on the issues until they were all resolved.

Once live I was able to do the inital live procedure of creating a db record in priv_lvls (for admin), then a record in users for an edit login. Used the hashed password & salt from my test system to start me off.

Part II was to get up-to-date on rails as there had been changes from 2.2.x which I has on my sys to 2.3.8 which they have as most current so did a fair bit of freezing / unfreezing, updating, etc. ISP had hacked a solution in too (which was ok) so had to back that out too once resolved. learned a lot about freezing, unfreezing, rails version, etc today!

Site Home page placcholder is
I am holding off showing/linking the statistics app until I spruce it up a bit (few days).

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