Stats App Testing – 3 issues.

1. Add version# to index page on percentage stats and view stats or look is very confusing and actually can't tell which one to edit. (test data didn't show it!). DONE.
2. *** Allow 1 chr for 'nickname' in browser. (For Opera – 'O') FIXED (model). (functionality).

1. Replace 'All's on view_stats and percentage_statistics with blanks or dashes? DONE – used .sub("All","") on each of the 6 variables that can have an 'All'. Greatly improved look! Made sure to use sub rather than global gsub to ensure that extra All's within names are not caught by mistake!
Extracted the common search elements into:
<% look_for = 'All' %>
<% sub_it = '-' %>
then use "database_column".sub(look_for, sub_it ) for the values.
Even if this logic shouldn't be in the view, this is at least better OO code, as now I can just change the search criteria AND replacement strings in just ONE place!
… even better (forward planning): (will allow for users putting various capitalization of 'All').
<% look_for = /ALL|ALl|All|all|aLL|alL|AlL|aLl/ %>
"database_column".sub(look_for, sub_it ) stays the same

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