Stats App testing. 3 Issues. 2 Fixed, 1 On-hold.

(Percentage Stats – new/edit).
change 'updated at' time (was always showing as 05:00am) due to initial hardcoding in controller, timestamp field type in mysql will do it. no need for hard-coded controller code. mySQL worked better. FIXED (new and edit pages).

(View stats) Make 'year' sort in view_stats have a secondary sort of month number (not the current secondary sort of month id that is listing 15 January's in a row.). Same for browser. Finding that an unexpected workaround of year-browser-month is actually saving me from doing custom_sql (maintainability, etc.) and providing a much better default look. Will now want to add and test for default stats_view. In-progress. FIXED.

(View Stats) I put in a future date by mistake. Need to add check to prevent putting in future dates. In progress. Issue with any validator for this controller giving error still being investigated. On-hold due to validation issues with this controller.

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