House Construction = Software development.

I've been doing some contruction on our house, doubling my office space.
I don't know if it's Chad Pytel's pattern's book that has 'influenced' me, but I am seeing the same concepts in house construction that I've seen over my 30 years of software development, namely:

  • Dealing with the client and their needs (I was the client in this case!)
  • Estimating the resources, both time and money to do the job
  • Finishing on time (or not) and how over-runs are dealt with
  • Quality always takes time
  • Much of the understanding of how-to-do things is acquired with experience and can't be 'taught'.
  • The approach is more important than the technique.
  • Think outside the box for innovative and practical solutions.
  • A lot of the work is done by people. Treat them well.
  • Unexpected delays and problems always occur.
  • Re-work later really sucks and costs a lot.
  • Penny wise, pound foolish.
  • Careful compromises are required when resources are not unlimited (i.e. always!)

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