Activity Log thru 8/30/2013

For 2 weeks running I went to in-person Thoughtbot classes:
#1) TDD with RSpec and Capybara
#2) Intermediate Rails

Rereading The Well Grounded Rubyist

Created quick ruby cli apps such as temperature converter and checkers just to practice tdd.

Getting used to using Ruby 2.0+ and Rails 4.0+

Resolved issue with accessing array elements in 2d array.

Investigated issues with ri "String#upcase". Currently unresolved.

Learned vim technique for cw with pasted text (vawp)
Learned better way to choose files for editing in vim with `vawp`.

Listened to this weeks podcast from Thoughtbot. Good hints and tips for working with rails.

Installed rails.vim on my current machine and after resolving some dependencies, got it working.

Set better terminal colors as comments were in dark blue and very hard to read.

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