Fixed up my vim stuff

Switched back to older machine but found a lot of newer settings in dot files missing.
Corrected several issues that were slowing editing.

Updated my cloud dotfiles with the latest local versions from these changes.

  • fixed comment coloring (though I avoid mostly comments for committed code)
  • fixed tab indents for Ruby.
  • adding rails.vim for happier coding
  • learned new hints and tips such as 'ci' (change inside) and `ca` (change around)
  • Added in Thoughtbot's 'leader' mappings for when you type `something` (usually just one or two keys, e.g. `h` to remove search highlighting)
  • restored other .vimrc settings, merging in mouse access from current file.
  • played around with using `=` for correctly setting indents.

Leader Settings:

let mapleader = ","
" More leader stuff, use the_key, e.g. bb to actually use.
vmap <Leader>b :<C-U>!git blame <C-R>=expand("%:p") <CR> | sed -n <C-R>=line("'
<") <CR>,<C-R>=line("'>") <CR>p <CR>
map <Leader>bb :!bundle install<cr>
nmap <Leader>bi :source ~/.vimrc<cr>:BundleInstall<cr>
vmap <Leader>bed "td?describe<cr>obed<tab><esc>"tpkdd/end<cr>o<esc>:nohl<cr>
map <Leader>cc :!cucumber --drb %<CR>
map <Leader>cu :Tabularize /|<CR>
map <Leader>co ggVG"*y
map <Leader>cc :Rjcollection client/
map <Leader>cj :Rjspec client/
map <Leader>cm :Rjmodel client/
map <Leader>ct :Rtemplate client/
map <Leader>cv :Rjview client/
map <Leader>cn :e ~/Dropbox/notes/coding-notes.txt<cr>
map <Leader>d odebugger<cr>puts 'debugger'<esc>:w<cr>
map <Leader>dr :e ~/Dropbox<cr>
map <Leader>ec :e ~/code/
map <Leader>gac :Gcommit -m -a ""<LEFT>
map <Leader>gc :Gcommit -m ""<LEFT>
map <Leader>gr :e ~/Dropbox/docs/journal<CR>
map <Leader>gs :Gstatus<CR>
map <Leader>gw :!git add . && git commit -m 'WIP' && git push<cr>
map <Leader>f :call OpenFactoryFile()<CR>
map <Leader>fix :cnoremap % %<CR>
map <Leader>fa :sp test/factories.rb<CR>
map <Leader>h :CommandT<CR>
map <Leader>i mmgg=G`m<CR>
map <Leader>j :CommandT app/assets/javascripts<cr>client/
map <Leader>l oconsole.log 'debugging'<esc>:w<cr>
map <Leader>m :Rmodel
map <Leader>nn :sp ~/Dropbox/notes/programming_notes.txt<cr>
map <Leader>o :w<cr>:call RunCurrentLineInTest()<CR>
map <Leader>p :set paste<CR>o<esc>"*]p:set nopaste<cr>
map <Leader>pn :sp ~/Dropbox/work/thoughtbot/notes/project-notes.txt<cr>
map <Leader>ra :%s/
map <Leader>rd :!bundle exec rspec % --format documentation<CR>
map <Leader>rf :CommandTFlush<CR>:CommandT<CR>
map <Leader>rs :vsp <C-r>#<cr><C-w>w
map <Leader>rt q:?!ruby<cr><cr>
map <Leader>rw :%s/s+$//<cr>:w<cr>
map <Leader>sc :sp db/schema.rb<cr>
map <Leader>sg :sp<cr>:grep
map <Leader>sj :call OpenJasmineSpecInBrowser()<cr>
map <Leader>sm :RSmodel
map <Leader>sp yss<p>
map <Leader>sn :e ~/.vim/snippets/ruby.snippets<CR>
map <Leader>so :so %<cr>
map <Leader>sq j<c-v>}klllcs<esc>:wq<cr>
map <Leader>ss ds)i <esc>:w<cr>
map <Leader>st :!ruby -Itest % -n "//"<left><left>
map <Leader>su :RSunittest
map <Leader>sv :RSview
map <Leader>t :w<cr>:call RunCurrentTest()<CR>
map <Leader>y :!rspec --drb %<cr>
map <Leader>u :Runittest<cr>
map <Leader>vc :RVcontroller<cr>
map <Leader>vf :RVfunctional<cr>
map <Leader>vg :vsp<cr>:grep
map <Leader>vi :tabe ~/.vimrc<CR>
map <Leader>vu :RVunittest<CR>
map <Leader>vm :RVmodel<cr>
map <Leader>vv :RVview<cr>
map <Leader>w <C-w>w
map <Leader>x :exec getline(".")<cr>

" Edit another file in the same directory as the current file
" uses expression to extract path from current file's path
map <Leader>e :e <C-R>=expand("%:p:h") . '/'<CR>
map <Leader>s :split <C-R>=expand("%:p:h") . '/'<CR>
map <Leader>v :vnew <C-R>=expand("%:p:h") . '/'<CR>

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