Tests for private methods

I’ve been thinking about this recently as I’ve been writing my own test runner for shell scripts.

I have found myself decomposing longer methods into shorter, private ones (thinking ruby also here), but I’ve found that during the refactor of red-green-refactor I’ve not been using unit tests to ‘drive’ out the code that is in these private methods.

After reflecting on this and reading  http://programmers.stackexchange.com/questions/279117/tdd-red-green-refactor-and-if-how-to-test-methods-that-become-private I think the approach I’ve been using of testing the public interface is ok.  A significant caveat worth remembering is in the answer


is “if your class that does one thing contains extensive code for doing another thing that is required for, but separate from, its primary purpose, that code should live in another class”

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