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Mega Meta List of Automated Software Testing Information:

My Favorites
Google’s blog – mind blowing information about flaky tests
“our robot army has been working hard at fuzzing, processing 10 trillion test inputs a day”
“Google has around 4.2 million tests that run on our continuous integration system. Of these, around 63 thousand have a flaky run over the course of a week. While this represents less than 2% of our tests, it still causes significant drag on our engineers.”
Avoid “Tests that use the UI to test business logic that’s exposed through an API (use an API-level test instead!) or implemented in code (how about those unit tests?). Not testing at the right level supports shallow feedback and increased execution time. Goodbye fast feedback.”
“There are no magic, unicorn-filled companies employing all-knowing developers who are creating perfect software.”
“How often have you walked onto a project and everyone on the team got excited and jumped up and down saying how happy they are to have you there?” (i.e. few)
“One thing I consistently ask teams to do during feature design is to include how they plan to measure the value of the feature to customers or business value. Often, only a proxy metric is available, but those work way better than nothing at all.”