More Javascript for testers

Objects have prototype methods which are shared for all instances

Useful for methods that apply to all instances

Person.prototype.some_method_name=  function() {

Avoid for properties that store state data, e.g. arrays with elements managed by various methods.

When you need to define multiple methods on the prototype you can use the format below, however they should also define the constructor as shown so that the prototype is Person and not just Object:

Person.prototype = {
  constructor: Person,
  first_method: function() {...},
  second_method: function() {...};  

You can add methods to prototypes for all objects including builtins objects such as Array, String, etc.

Inheritance is through above Prototype Chain, e.g.

var instance2 = Object.create(instance1, {
  name: {
    value: "some_new_thing",


IIFE – Immediately Invoked Function Expression

Commonly used in javascript for modules.
Note surrounding parens and parens at end

Module Pattern

var person = (function() {
  var age = 25;  // This is private
  return { ... } // These are closures and are public 

Revealing Module Pattern

var person = (function() {
  var age = 25;
  function x() {...}
  return { x: x, ...}; // Note same name (x)

Private Members use ‘this’

  this.getAge = function () { return age; };


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