Agile Transformation and Management

Many companies have gone or are undergoing Agile transformations.
There is typically a large focus on the dramatic change for regular ‘workers’ in how they do their daily activities.

One item that can easily be over-looked however is the change in daily practices for Management.  Some new organizations have eliminated all ‘supervisor’ and ‘manager’ roles, just leaving developers and a director.  Other, existing organizations that are transforming to Agile have difficult decisions to make about how to retool their management.

Failing to recognize and change can lead to management continuing to use waterfall approaches and not understanding the new empowerment model for workers.

Some of the mis-matched approaches seen in this area are:

  • Using personal checklists to make sure a project is on track
  • Using personal relationships to get non-planned work done
  • Adding ‘important and urgent’ tasks without going through the full process
  • Praising off-board work as heroic
  • Discussions on team effectiveness without the team present
  • Assigning or changing team resources without full team involvement
  • Using traditional project management skills to try and manage the Agile process

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