Building my own cloud testing pipeline

This used to be hard.  Take weeks and months.  Now the only hard piece is believing just how easy it is.  I did the following in a matter of minutes.

  • Set up a new git hub project in my account (1 minute)
  • Added some UI tests I wrote last week (they took me 2 weeks to write).
  • Created a Jira+Confluence account & project and wired them into Github (1 minute)
  • Add content to the CMS (confluence) (5 minutes)
  • Created a Slack account and wired its notifications into Github (3 minutes)
  • Created a CircleCI account and wired its notifications into Github (10 minutes)

So now I can:

Have a master document in Confluence which refers to tickets which are links to…

Screenshot from 2017-10-26 21-40-29

^ Jira tickets which you can click on and immediately click through to see commits

Screenshot from 2017-10-26 21-59-40

^which you can click through to see

Screenshot from 2017-10-26 21-41-12

^ Github Change Requests which you can learn about because when they are changed by developers you get…

Screenshot from 2017-10-26 21-42-39

^ Jobs submitted to CircleCI which have…

Screenshot from 2017-10-26 21-43-40

^ Slack notifications in public channels

With most of the integration work boiling down to:

Screenshot from 2017-10-26 20-47-51

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