Good Advice from Great Programmers

Fix the hard problems first – Joe Armstrong

When I’m just writing the first version of a program, I tend to put everything in one file. And then I start seeing structure in that file. Like there’s this block of things that are pretty similar… and the API sorts of builds up organically that way. The design process is definitely on an on-going thing; you never know what the design is until the program is done. So I prefer to get my feet wet as soon as possible; get something on the screen so I can look at it sideways. – Zawinski

Not knowing something doesn’t mean you’re dumb – it just means you don’t know it yet – Zawinski

It doesn’t matter how good you are; you can’t get an API right until you’ve tried to code to it – Joshua Bloch

How to Debug? print statements – multiple authors.

I’m really quick on the trigger for throwing stuff out – Ken Thompson

That was how I learned programming – basically taking one program that I made up myself and sitting at a machine over a period of some weeks, and kept getting it to work a little better and a littler better – Robert Knuth

So if I can get my kicks out of finding errors then I just have to make sure that I forget that I was the author of the program. I try to imagine that someone else was the author – Robert Knuth