Useful Dockerfile Setups

e.g. alpine

FROM alpine:latest
LABEL maintainer="Michael Durrant<>"
RUN apk add bash git vim
COPY alpine_bashrc /root/.bashrc
COPY /root
COPY .bash_aliases /root
COPY .git-completion.bash /root
RUN "/bin/bash"
RUN git config --global 'Michael'
RUN git config --global ''

Some common docker commands:

docker version
docker images
docker pull alpine
docker ps -a
docker start container_name
docker attach container_name
docker ps

Without a Dockerfile…
docker run -it alpine
docker attach container_name

With a Dockerfile…
docker build -t alpine_plus_some .
docker run -it alpine_plus_some
docker attached container_name

Top five technologies to master by 7/1/2019

“Choose the five tools and technologies that you want to be highly proficient in by July 1st 2019”
I picked:

– AWS development
– Docker
– JS – Javascript-es6-npm-mocha
– Chef
– Repl development

I’m already doing docker today!


Update: 12/1/2019

AWS: Done (triple certified)
Docker:  Done
JS: In-progress, node heavy
Chef: Not done, not sure.
Repl development: Not doing


Making Ruby Coding Videos
Making Refactoring Ruby/Python Videos