Comments are back !

I avoid comments in my code these days.
Long gone are previous practices of carefully crafted blocks of comments.
Happily replaced with well named methods, class and variables.

So how are comments back in style for me?

One Phrase: Infrastructure As Code

A key part of infrastructure as code is the use of configuration files.

They usually come in two flavors – JSON and YAML
JSON is ugly to me:

    "a" : "1"
    "b": {
        "x" : "1"

YAML is much cleaner to me


Apart from that however (and the point of this article) is that there is another difference and that is that YAML allows comments
This is useful because, unlike programming languages, you can’t just replace a comment with a well named class and method that describes what the comment would have said.  All you have is the YAML identifiers and changing them will likely affect any existing application that relies on their current format, i.e. if they are being used they are a dependency that can break.
YAML files can therefore be somewhat cryptic, hard to understand and hard to change.

Comments to the rescue!

If used carefully, I have found that comments have a clear role in YAML files to help out the future me.


a:1  # Key knowledge here
x:1  # Key knowledge here

Conclusion:  Use comments wisely when appropriate in YAML files