Test Code Samples


Examples of tests I have written in various frameworks and languages

  • Languages
    • Javascript
    • Python
    • Ruby
    • Java
    • C#
  • Frameworks
    • Chai
    • Rails
    • Rspec
    • Mocha
    • Jasmine
    • Selenium
    • Capybara
    • Protractor
  • Features
    • Tags
    • DSLs
    • Expect
    • Retry Flakies
    • Page Objects
    • ES6 Javascript
    • Happy, Sad, Smoke
    • Suites and Examples
    • Multi Browser Testing
    • Before and Before Each for DRY code
  • Test Types
    • Unit
    • Integrated
    • Browser UI


The Javascript and Ruby examples are more complete and reflect languages I have used more extensively.
Ruby is the best example of Page Objects, Retries and Tags.

You can see a number of youtube videos of me coding TDD/BDD exercises in Ruby and Javascript at:

They include some simple examples of refactoring, which is another favourite activity of mine.

Python, C# and Java are intended as basic templates for languages I have used less recently.

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