Key Javascript DOM methods

DOM Mode

The DOM is the Document Object Model of a page. It is the code of the structure of a webpage. JavaScript comes with a lot of different ways to create and manipulate HTML elements (called nodes).

The following is a subset of some of the most useful properties and methods.

Key Node Properties

  • attributes — Returns a live collection of all attributes registered to an element
  • childNodes — Gives a collection of an element’s child nodes
  • firstChild — Returns the first child node of an element
  • lastChild — The last child node of an element
  • nodeName —Returns the name of a node
  • nodeType —  Returns the type of a node
  • nodeValue — Sets or returns the value of a node
  • parentNode — Returns the parent node of an element
  • textContent — Sets or returns the textual content of a node and its descendants

Key Node Methods

  • appendChild() — Adds a new child node to an element as the last child node
  • cloneNode() — Clones an HTML element
  • insertBefore() — Inserts a new child node before a specified, existing child node
  • removeChild() — Removes a child node from an element
  • replaceChild() — Replaces a child node in an element

Key Element Methods

  • getAttribute() — Returns the specified attribute value of an element node
  • getAttributeNode() — Gets the specified attribute node
  • querySelector() — Provides first matching element
  • querySelectorAll() — Provides a collection of all matching elements
  • getElementsByTagName() — Provides a collection of all child elements by tag
  • getElementById() Provides an Element whose id matches
  • getElementsByClassName() — Provides a collection of child elements by class
  • hasAttribute() — Returns true if an element has any attributes, else false
  • removeAttribute() — Removes a specified attribute from an element
  • removeAttributeNode() — Takes away a specified attribute node and returns it
  • setAttribute() — Sets or changes the specified attribute to a specified value
  • setAttributeNode() — Sets or changes the specified attribute node

Full list at JS Cheat Sheet

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